Corporate Training Services

Countermeasure Consulting Group (CCG) is the only professional security consulting company in the United States that truly focuses on providing the tools and instruction on how to PREVENT violence before it happens. 

The Approach

The KEY to preventing and surviving an act of violence is PREPARATION.  Studies have shown that those who properly prepare for emergencies prevail during one. Countermeasure Consulting focuses on R.E.A.L. training with real expertise and real on the job experience dealing with every aspect of the active shooter phenomenon. 


What You'll Learn

The four concepts of Countermeasure Consulting’s R.E.A.L. training model are simple and straightforward; REACT – EVALUATE – ACT – LIVE. This four-pronged approach guides our clients to focus on what to do to prevent and survive an act of violence.


The Tools

De-escalation (DEAL) training, Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Study (VARS), Site Assessments, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) evaluation and development and in-person on-site employee training programs.  


What's New

Countermeasure’s new “Virtual” online training webinar designed specifically for your company’s needs and available to all of your employees on a variety of platforms worldwide at the tap of a finger. Every company struggles with the real cost of taking their employees away from their duties for on-site training seminars; we understand that pain. Countermeasure’s “Virtual” training can be tailored to your specific company and industry. It’s not just some outdated generic off the shelf video. When you contact us please ask for more information about this revolutionary product.


Getting Started

Please understand that “We do not provide security; We make you more secure” Each of our clients present unique security challenges ranging from the controversy inherent being a high profile media outlet to high tech cloud technology server farms that support every aspect of our nation’s online commerce and communication. Countermeasure Consulting tailors our security packages to meet the most stringent requirements of our customers. Countermeasure’s subject matter experts have examined, studied, analyzed, assessed and witnessed every aspect of violence mitigation whether through acts of an active shooter or the threat of terrorism. Shoot us an email and one of our team will contact you to discuss the requirements of your company or agency.