When seconds count... What's your plan?

No one wants to think about the possibility of an act of violence taking place in their work place, school or church; but it’s on our mind nevertheless.  Violence is a sad commentary of the world we live in today. Unfortunately, most of us don’t really know what to do if we’re ever involved in an act of brutality.  Studies have shown that those individuals who are PREPARED tend to survive disastrous events.  That’s what Countermeasure Consulting does; we’re in the PREPARATION business. Our team of experts Prepares our clients to Identify possible threats – to Prevent acts of violence before they take place - and to properly Respond when the unthinkable occurs.


Countermeasure Consulting Group  is the only professional security consulting company in the United States that truly focuses on providing the tools and instruction on how to PREVENT violence before it occurs. Countermeasure Consulting evaluates your individual circumstances in order to assess potential risks from within your organization as well as preparing to deter and respond to an all-out attack. 


Our motto: “When seconds count…What’s your Plan?” is more than a catchy phrase.  What we do in those first SECONDS of a disaster will determine if we survive or not.  The KEY to surviving an act of violence goes back to Preparation not to policy development. Countermeasure’s R.E.A.L. training concept is unique in the industry and the most powerful tool for surviving an act of violence at your work, your kids school, our churches plus at the movies, restaurants and clubs.

Corporate Training

Many businesses utilize identification badges, swipe cards and front desk personnel to secure their facility; but what about the person who works right next to you? Is your company taking advantage of a properly designed Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?  Security planning and response protocols are only part of a comprehensive corporate security program. We’ll show you the way…

Church Training

“Your Church: The Softest Target in America”  - Church security is a PARADOX; how can our churches be open and inviting while at the same time secure from threats of violence that exist in the world around them? Our churches deserve the balance of “Unseen” security to protect our families while still showing grace and love to all who enter.  Let us show you how Countermeasure can help…

School Training

Why is "Sheltering in Place" NOT the best option? Our team of Active Shooter experts break down the key concepts for Surviving an Act of Violence. Schools in America are still EASY targets for unstable individuals; we can help your school take the steps necessary to make our kids safer. Please let us help…