School Training Services

It's personal - my wife and daughter both work in local schools plus now my grandchildren attend school. My motivation to become part of the Countermeasure team was to help formulate and institute an effective plan to address their survival in the event of an act of violence at school. I worry about their safety everyday.

- (Bill Worth Managing Partner)



The Approach

Dealing with schools is the most frustrating aspect of everything we do at Countermeasure Consulting. At the risk of alienating administrators and possibly even local law enforcement; most schools in America remain easy targets for that deranged individual who wants to cause maximum pain and terror. For the most part (not all) schools are still mired in the “Shelter in Place” or "hoping the bad guy doesn’t find us" mindset. Countermeasure’s approach blends common sense with immediate action.


What You'll Learn

Sheltering in place should not be the school’s first response to an act of violence or terror.  If there is a bad guy in your building causing death and destruction, should you hide under your desk or try to escape – common sense dictates the later; GET OUT (if you can). One of our team members, while part of President Obama’s Secret Service detail, personally toured the carnage at both Sandy Hook Elementary School and Virginia Tech. He postulates that hiding or sheltering in place is the last resort – not the first. Countermeasure uses the R.E.A.L. training model REACT – EVALUATE – ACT – LIVE. Each one of these concepts breaks down the specific actions and procedures necessary to give each one of your students and staff actionable options designed to help them survive an act of violence. 


The Tools

Besides the step by step procedures found in our R.E.A.L. training format we address the issue of violence prevention through truly effective procedures to keep unauthorized persons out of your building. Your school’s front desk personnel are truly the first and best defense for the school; we can build them into a powerful deterrent.  Across America and at your school right now; the most vulnerable avenue of entry into your facility is through the front door; believe it. With a couple of pizza boxes or a bouquet of flowers; a bad guy can waltz right into most schools anywhere anytime in America. We want to help.


Getting Started

We have great respect for law enforcement; most of our consultants are current or former law enforcement officers. However; Countermeasure focuses on a very narrow window in the active shooter event timeline; namely from the initial incursion to when law enforcement arrives; which nation-wide averages 10 to 14 minutes.  Once on scene our nations law enforcement officers are second to none in their professionalism and courage.  But the key is that every one of us needs to know what to do BEFORE they arrive on scene; that’s what we teach. 10 to 14 minutes is a VERY long time; students and staff members must do everything they can to survive. We can help; just send us an email. One of our Active Shooter experts will be happy to describe what Countermeasure can do for your school.