Discover areas of vulnerability in your facility that you may not be aware of.

Learn how to improve your preparedness with an Invisible Security Team.

Why would I need this?

It’s often difficult to look at something you’re very familiar with and review it objectively. Our team members are security experts who know how to observe and evaluate. As outsiders we are sensitive to gaps and oversights that regular attenders might overlook and ignore. Our experts have “fresh eyes” and know what to look for in regards to potential vulnerabilities

What will be assessed?

The main areas of interest are: entries (how many entries are there into the facility and are they manned by greeters), the hospitality team (parking lot crew, greeters & ushers - do they engage the attendees?), exits in the building (from the worship center and children’s area), access to the children’s area (can anyone just walk in?), who’s watching the entries once the service starts, etc… We look at all aspects of the church’s personality.

What can I expect to receive from my assessment?

With the information garnered from the assessment; our Safe Church Training team will make specific recommendations to improve your current security posture as well as developing a custom training plan. This is NOT a one-size-fits-all security plan; it’s tailored to fit your requirements.

Remote assessment option

Another (less expensive) option for a risk assessment is to conduct a remote virtual video tour. Someone from your staff will work with our experts to complete a video checklist in order for our team to examine the remote video and “see” your facility through the lens of a Smart Phone. The assessment will be analyzed to determine your facility’s strengths and potential weaknesses in regards to physical security similar to a live, in-person assessment.

Ask Bill

If you're interested in learning more about a Personalized Security Assessment use the link below to send Bill an Email. There's no obligation and he'll be glad to discuss your options.